PROVision Partners Welcomes Ted Horner as Senior Advisor

Ted Horner

PROVision Partners (“PROVision”), a leading global strategic growth, marketing, technology, and commercial services advisory firm to the travel and hospitality industry, announces the appointment of Ted Horner as a Senior Advisor. Horner is owner and managing director of the Sydney-based information and technology services firm, E Horner & Associates Pty Ltd.

Horner is recognized both in Australia and internationally as one of the premier consultants in the industry for the past 30 years. He was inducted in 2004 to the Hospitality Technology and Financial Professionals (“HFTP”) International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame.

In his role, Horner will help lead and deliver PROVision’s expert advisory services and results to its clients for technology assessments, global business development and strategic marketing initiatives, while establishing the firm’s presence in the Asia Pacific market.

“To work with the colleagues at PROVision, and especially with those whom I have known for more than 20 years and who in their own right have achieved recognition in our industry, fills me with great joy,” said Horner. “The opportunities to collaborate with PROVision are exciting and I look forward to working together with the team to add value to their clients, particularly those in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.”

“Obviously having an industry icon like Ted join PROVision is a great privilege,” said Greg Pesik, co-founder and CEO of PROVision. “This collaboration has been months in the making to bring our existing and current clients even greater breadth and depth in travel and hospitality advisory services”.

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