Underwhelmed with Marketing? How to Turn Fluff Into Fuel For Your Organization.


Many business executives view marketing as simply an exercise in fluffy creativity and promotion, making it difficult to justify their marketing spend. In-house teams produce great products and services but require scale to deliver, both opportunistically and strategically.  Even a modestly scaled marketing department strains under high demand periods, and their value is questioned when business slows.

At PROVision Partners, we believe marketing is a critical part of operations that, when approached rigorously, becomes the cornerstone of profitability and growth. Leveraging our organization’s extensive industry expertise, you should expect to have actionable insights relevant to today’s market without massive additional investments. Here are our recommendations to make marketing matter:

1.      Create a Framework to Establish Market Leadership

Technology companies have often struggled to tie direct revenue value to their marketing investments. Positioning marketing as a core driver of your revenue, as well as brand strength and durability is fundamental to scale and growth.

A Strategic Marketing Framework establishes the critical link between effective marketing and generating incremental revenue. The Framework should be structured as a comprehensive but transparent guide to the best use of your organization’s internal and/or external marketing resources; prioritizing those resources to generate the strongest ROI from the perspectives of competitive market position and revenue. The Framework also clarifies your Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) and aligns the entire organization around the critical elements of the UVP that truly drive monetizable brand differentiation. Relevance and timeliness are essential.

The Framework is only valuable, however, if your marketing team effectively executes the strategies outlined, and your company achieves the anticipated results. Through Execution Assurance, PROVision stands with your management team to help navigate the implementation of crucial initiatives presented in the Strategic Marketing Framework.

2.     Deploy a World-Class Digital Infrastructure

Marketing, public relations, and creative content services should be fluid elements of your business. Your positive corporate image directly translates to new sales and increased customer retention. Sloppy execution undermines even the best marketing strategy. However, building an experienced internal infrastructure to navigate the complex landscape of business communications in the digital age at scale is expensive, especially with the highly fluid and dynamic nature of a competitive technology market.

PROVision alleviates the burden of uncertainty with programs that are tailored to meet the unique and complex buyer demands of the hospitality and travel industry at a cost point that is typically 25%-50% less for the same set of marketing services that a dedicated in-house team delivers. As a result, our services drive measurable ROI by giving your brand a more credible voice, expanding your reach and interest to accelerate the sales cycle and drive more MQLs, while allowing you to focus on strategy and ensuring that your brand commands the market’s attention.

Unlike other types of marketing services, PROVision will take the guesswork out of hospitality business communications by identifying high-value opportunities and potential roadblocks. We do this by leveraging our extensive experience and long-term relationships with industry analysts, consultants, subject matter experts, media contacts, and travel/hospitality industry executives around the world. This helps our clients reduce the risks of delivering sufficient brand awareness, positioning executives as thought leaders and introducing new products and services.

To determine if this approach is right for your organization, let’s have a conversation to evaluate your needs, calculate your potential savings, and discuss how to fuel your brand with results-driven, engaging content and communications that propel your business development efforts.

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